How to go shopping in our internet shop

We are pleased of your interest about our pipes. Please read carefully following instructions in order to be informed about the process of pipe ordering and to have easier choice.
You can see a main categories on a entry page or in a shop. Pipes are sorted in these categories by briar quality, wood structure, desing and pipes have a similar price. Price can vary due to size or different design. You can see also, that pipes are divided into four size groups. Group indicate size of pipe bowl, volume of tobacco hole and overall robustness of pipe. Most of all pipes except where indicated are suited for 9 mm filter, othervise are accepting 6 mm filter.

Open category by clicking on picture and then you can see pipes in category. Additional information and bigger picture are displayed by clicking on picture. This is also place where ordering process starts. Add pipe to shopping cart by clicking on button Add. Just next to button is entry View my cart where you can see shopping cart content. The same function has a button Shopping cart in right upper corner of page header. A page of shopping cart is also place where you can remove pipe back to shop. Clicking on button Order now brings you to page, where you have to select country which the delivery will be sent to. Use button Continue to proceed on to payment selection. Here you can see total price including postage. Use Paypal service for EC/MC or VISA Card payment. Please print your order with Order Nr.

Pipes in our internet shop are on warehouse and within a week are sent to customer. In a some cases pipe is ordered by two customers at the same time. At that case there is a small delay or you will be kindly ask for cooperation.

We offer standard assurance and service for our products. You will be asked for delivery terms confirmation during ordering process.

Shipping costs

shipping costs in EURO for standard registered priority mail service


bank  payment 4,-               payment on delivery    6.-

EU and Europe outside EU

up to 500g 8,5       up to 1000g 12,5        up to 2000g 19,5


 up to 500g 11.-     up to 1000g 17.-          up to 2000g 27,-

Parcel is registered and tracking service is available.

Pipe size

1. group
Smaller pipes. Up to 2 grams of tobacco. It correspond to a smaller compact pipe
or small Lady pipe. Up to one hour of smoking.
2. group
Middle pipes. Most frequent category together with next one. Up to
3 grams of tobacco. Smaller pipe proportion makes this pipe versatile choice
for most of occasions.
3. group
Middle bigger pipe. Up to 4 grams of tobacco gives to you smoking pleasure
for two or three hours. Mostly more robust pipes, simply fair pipe.
4. group
Big pipe. Mostly Handmades and solitaires. Pipe smoking for whole evening
with a taste of exceptionality. You need to bear this pipe not only in teeth.

Actual conversion rate for czech currency is about:
1 EURO = 26 CZK
Final exchange rate may slightly vary due to bank or PayPal exchange rate.